segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2007

Recall da Cannondale Lefty

Pessoal parece que a cannondale está a recolher as lefty, segundo uma noticia na Dirt Rag Magazine não devem andar com a bike!!!!

aqui fica o link e a noticia:
Cannondale has voluntarily issued a Safety Recall Notice with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The products affected include any 2007 and some 2008 mountain bikes equipped with either Lefty Speed Carbon SL or Lefty Speed DLR 2 forks. If your bike is equipped with one of these forks, stop riding the bike immediately and take it to your Cannondale dealer for required service.Cannondale has learned of an error in the assembly process of these forks which may allow the telescope assembly of the fork to completely separate. The origin of the problem is an improper application of a thread locking compound to the damping cartridge. The result is that the lower half of the assembly could potentially unthread and slide out of the upper sleeve."Unfortunately there have already been injuries due to this issue. We strongly urge anyone that has purchased one of these bikes to contact their dealer immediately and have your bike inspected," says Chris Peck VP R&D at Cannondale.Bikes With Lefty Speed DLR2 (All Carbon, Alloy, and Bonded Alloy Versions, 110 or 80mm travel)
2007 Rush Carbon 2
2007 Taurine Carbon Team Replica
2007 Scalpel 1
2007 Scalpel Team Replica
2007 Rush Carbon 1
2007 Rush Carbon Team
2007 aftermarket, replacement LeftyBikes With Lefty Speed Carbon SL Forks
2007 Rush 3
2007 Rush 4
2007 Rush 5
2007 Caffeine 29'er
2007 Scalpel 2
2007 Scalpel 3
2007 Caffeine 1
2007 Caffeine 2
2007 Rush Feminine 1
2007 aftermarket, replacement Lefty Speed DLR 2
2008 Rush Carbon

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